Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I believe in serendipity - do you?  This morning I was just thinking about how I use to write in my journal at least a dozen times in any given year(although unimpressive to many - sufficient for me)...but then came Blogger, Facebook and Instagram (let's not forget MySpace), awesome and powerful, completely connected to the world...but somehow, looking back through all of those posts, I feel a bit disconnected...it is not the same as thumbing through my journals...I believe it is because it (social media) all lacks some substance, both physical (the feel of the ink on the rumpled pages) and the Metaphysical (as in the noun) truth...connected to the world but not to myself...those were my thoughts...then in my feed I see that someone else has the same thought, but she connected her mind with her keyboard and serendipitously (yes it's a word) offered me what I already knew but had lost sight of...

...a life with social media is complicated, I've always struggled with the notion.  How do some perfectly normal people just not participate and how do those of that do, balance it all (1st world problems - I know -she's right, honesty sucks sometimes)...I long for the days of getting up in the morning and not checking my feed, but checking my heart and feeding  my soul and then telling myself the truth.  I have many beautiful journals waiting to be filled (it is a habit to buy them) I need to take the time and get back into the habit of filling them...perhaps reviving my blog will inspire me to do so...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A little ahead so I don't fall behind...

Just a few pics of my potions table...now that it's an empty nest around here,  the dining room table doesn't get used.

PC and I either eat at the kitchen island sitting side by side, or out and about in town for our meals (it's a good thing).
 Baby Girl and I had fun setting this up...
...but there is still a lot more brewing to do...
...if patience is a virtue, I've become pretty virtuous over the last few years...taking a motto from my colleague the wonderful, LL, "slow and steady!"  

All good things, 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween & Meal Plan for 10/31/11

Just stopping in to share some Halloween Fun this morning. I'm so excited because this evening I am helping Baby Girl hand out candy to all the TOT's at HER new place. That should bring a nice close to the Halloween weekend for me. It's always so busy, and I never really remember that little fact. We had two parties to attend this weekend and dressing up was too fun. I'm always so giddy when I can het PC to dress up - I don't know why - I just do. My inspiration came while looking at the internet, but I don't really remember exactly what I was looking for. But inspiration struck and I started gathering supplies from all over the house. Do you see a costume in this pile?

Then I had to test out a DIY idea for body glitter (just mix glitter with Aloe Vera Gel). I was very excited that this worked so well.
 Got it figured out yet? Then it was off to the thrift store to see if I could put together a companion. Not what we planned but I knew it was meant to be as I walked around and found this guy on different racks in the store - he came together too easily, I just knew he was meant to be my date.
Still stumped? Well, party night #1 came with 2 hours of hair and makeup (by Baby Girl) and we were ready to dive right in! So can you tell what we are?
And didn't she do a great job on my makeup?!
If you guessed Aqua Man and a Mermaid - you would be correct!  I was excited about putting these two together for the low price tag of around 20 bucks!  I hope you all have a safe and scary Halloween!  I have to get ready for the TOT's tonight - I think I'll just throw on my old standby School Costume - The Not Too Scary Witch...Tata for now!

My Menu Plan for this Week!  Linked up with The Organizing Junkie - I Love all of the meal ideas I get from thee bloggers!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - Coffee in Bed

Who says Coffee and Poptarts have to be boring?
 It's more about the ritual and presentation than it is about whats in the cup or on the plate...really this Poptart tasted better than any other Poptart that I ever had!

This is one of my favorite "Indulgence's" - I don't do it everyday ( maybe I should), but I try at least once a week to have my Morning Cup in bed with all my favorite meditative books and magazines spread out for me to pluck and thumb through. What about you? Do you have a favorite morning indulgence or ritual?
Well I don't want to spend too much time here this morning, precious few moments before the sunrise then it's all business from there...tata for now!

Linking up with Between Naps on The Porch - You should check out her backyard tablescape- I am green with envy over all of the green that is surrounding her table!

Also Linking up with Delightful Order - some amazing inspiration here!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wait! Don't Go! Okay you can go for now - but only if you promise Cookies!

Everybody is posting on FB or blogs their goodbyes to summer. I guess in this little time vacuum that I am in, I just don't see the end quite yet. Well, for one it is going to be about 102 degrees here today and for two I have had such an awesome summer with PC, my kiddos and my Sistas that I just didn't see the end coming.  When I say I had an awesome summer - I mean this is one of those I will keep going back to on those days I need a good memory to get me through...
The View from our Campsite in Carpinteria, CA.
Our Awesome beach cruisers - mine has a basket now!
Our perfect little Beach Camper!
With that said, I have a ton of schoolwork to try and get completed before I get that first call (!!), and wouldn't you know it, while I was blog hopping yesterday, I landed at Organized Christmas! Yesterday just happened to be the very first day of The Holiday Grand Plan.  I know I know! This always happens, no sooner are you sadly saying goodbye to summer, Christmas is running up behind you, ready to pounce on your back -ready or not!  Well, I for one, even though PC still has a beach trip or two up his sleeve, am fully committing to the HGP!  Wanna join me? It's not too late really and believe me - you and your pocketbook will be happy you did!
Notebook Cover 2011
Okay, so off I go to finish printing my HGP notebook (I really wish there were an APP - but I'm a sucker for a notebook), Tata for now!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A New Day

Good morning! I'm just sitting outside listening to the soundtrack of the sunrise...howling coyotes, roosters and a few sparrows battling over the breadcrumbs I threw on the ground earlier. I'm trying my hand at mobile blogging this morning, I use my precious iPhone for everything else why not to get back to blogging right? It's a new day and I have so much to tell...I am no longer on the path to being a nurse; I found out quickly while in CNA training that nursing, though noble a career, is not what I thought it was. So now I am back to what I now know is my true calling ( maybe I was a little burnt out)...teaching. Now granted, I am not jumping in the deep end just yet, for fear of drowning again, but I am wading. On this beautiful Sunday morning, after a quick once over of the humble abode, I have Algebra homework and a paper to write... yes I am a student, still. I believe that is what this life change was all about, the journey, not the destination ( although a general direction is nice to set the compass) but most certainly not the path...I know in my heart to be a better teacher, a more self actualized person, I need to invest more into my
education. So my major has changed from Nursing to Special Education. I am attending an awesome school - Western Governors University - completely online and fabulous! But to keep me fresh and in touch with the staff and students that I cannot seem to put behind me, I'm also substituting at my old school! I am so excited - they start next week and while I wish no one ill, I can't wait for my first call!
I'm sure it will be different, a lot has changed about the school in a year, but much like my pics this morning - its the lens that makes the difference.  Tata for now!

PS, if you get a chance - hop on over to one of my former kiddos blogs- Blunders & Blessings and give her some bloggy love!