Dream Kitchen

Menu Plan for Week of 10/31/11

Breakfasts: Any of the Following; Cereal, Homemade Egg McMuffins (I really want to try this recipe for making the muffins), Bagels, Bubba's Casserole & 1 Big Breakfast

Lunches: Leftovers & Sandwiches

Dinners:  Chipoltle Burritos & Lime Rice  (Cook Chicken in Crock Pot)
              Balsamic Chicken with Veggies 
              Steak, Asparagus & Steamed Red Potaotes
              Shepherd's Pie and Tossed Salad
              Baked Spaghetti and Tossed Salad

I never know what time will allow or what I'll feel like cooking so this is "The General Plan" and I think any plan is better than no plan : )