Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tackle-it Tuesday with PC

PC and I have been working on the stone columns all day today. We have been grouting the joints. It looks beautiful when we complete one, but we worked from 10:00am - 3pm and only finished 4 of the 7! So tomorrow we'll be tackling it again, but for now we are getting cleaned up to go to dinner and maybe a movie. Yeah! I really wanted to work on the craft room and maybe sort some stuff for a yard sale, but he said "let's go get some breakfast and then come back and work on the columns: wanted to spend time with him. Be still my heart, he wants to send the day with me.........Do you think he'll help me sort paper and stickers? Oh well, a girl can dream. Here are some pics from today.

This is our little breakfast spot - The Skillet Cafe. The car door is open because he just opened it for me (see why he has the name PC).

It's the sweetest little place, our usual waitress, Gayle, wasn't there today - we were sad.
PC thought I was crazy for taking pictures - I told him to get used to it - I'm a blogger now, which is way more dangerous than a scrapbooker -poor thing (because I'm both)!

Here's my Coffee on the Table (hee hee), cute cups huh, very cafe. "Now we have to work it off "he says. That is Tea in the HUGE cup on top - that is not the decorative light fixture.

Nothing says summertime like lemonade in a mason jar. We keep the lid on it around here to keep out the dirt - not the bugs.

Okay - off to dinner - Have a great evening - TaTa for now!


Blondie's Journal said...

Making those columns is no easy task. We have them on our patio at the lake and it took a long time (I watched ;-)

PC is a handsome devil!! Did you warn him of the comments you might get?!!

Have a wonderful time tonight!!


Stacey said...

The Skillet Cafe looks like my kind of place. I'd definitely be having bacon and eggs - my fave especially when someone else cooks.

Your column job looks hot! It will be great when it's finished. We love projects.

Susan S. said...

How sweet that your honey wanted to "spend time" with you....he IS PC! I had to laugh when you mentioned taking pictures of everything (i.e. coffee cup)....but hey...that's what us bloggers do because it makes such a good post! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs from Houston....Susan