Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is this really a tattoo shop?

The girls had one goal the day we went to Hollywood; go see if Kat Von Dee is in her shop - High Voltage AKA LA Ink.  Yep all three girls are in love with tattoos (two of them have them).  I admire a good tattoo and have a plan for one if I ever decide to take the plunge into this is another world, but for now I just quietly observe the art that has been methodically placed on the canvas of flesh. SO when they wanted to go to "LA INK" I thought it would be an adventure (I've never stepped foot into a Tattoo Shop or watched LA Ink), I was wondering how it would look and know...will it be authentic? 
Well, when you first walk in, it's throws you off a little. Why?  There is this huge red beaded chandelier hanging over the....I don't what do you call it...a reception tattoo shops have reception desks?
Anywhoo...look at this thing....isn't gaudy enough to be great!  I loved it!
I also loved that everywhere you pointed the camera it was an "picture perfect" opportunity. coincidence? Nope we are in Hollywood and this shop is basically a "set" for her reality show.
Seee, right down to the floor...maybe that was there before the shop became's hard to know...was this shop already like this.....
or did the WOW factor happen after Hollywood got a hold of her shop?  The artists area's were set up a lot like a beauty parlor with massage tables for the chairs, but you have to be on the list to pass the velvet rope...I think it probably smelled better than most shops too.
The girls were not wondering any of these things...they were star struck...
They were standing in LA INK asking how long it would take to have an appointment (2 years BTW) and how much ($200.00 minimum), Okay girls can we go now?
I am assuming this is Kat's chair (COOL) and that is her purse (girls sigh), she must be in the back.
Okay, okay, one more picture because I think that sofa is a again. I mean I wouldn't put it in my house or anything, just like I wouldn't use Audrey's Bathtub for a sofa- but it's cool.
On the way CuzzyA snapped this one - I didn't even notice it was there...silly me.  If you are into tattoos, I think this is a definite stop, they were all very nice and the shop was beautiful and of course the Art was beautiful....If I  ever decide to get that hummingbird, I'm coming here...
A few days later CuzzyA and I made it to The Hollywood Sign...
There were beautiful homes all the way up this very hilly part of Hollywood...I want to live in this cant see the blue but it is GOGEEEOUS!  It's a castle - what better place for a princess and her prince?!
22 years in Cali and I have never made the trip up here.
I'll be back again this summer with Baby Girl and Pumpkin.
You would never know this is the view from The Sign but it is...haze and all it was breathtaking....sooooo many people, so much going on and it was soo very quiet at the top of that hill.
Hope you had fun on our little adventure to Hollywood, I have to go fold some laundry before it eats me's a joke remember we were just in Hollywood, anything can happen.  Tata for now!


Blondie's Journal said...

I have never been in a tattoo shop...are they supposed to smell like something? That is one long waiting list! I haven't seen the show, I guess it is for the younger crowd. So you want a hummingbird, that would be cute!

I'm glad you are having a good time on your trip. I love the view from the Hollywood sign!


Artist Terri Smith said...

OMG Deanna..this post was GREAT! I've never visited HOLLYWOOD or a Tatoo parlor, but your post definitely got me interested in both. *Big Grin* Can't get over it taking two years to get an appointment. Gives a person plenty of time to think things over, huh?

Hugs Of Georgia Sunshine,

Staci Edwards Design said...

Fun Fun!