Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - A Tutor for All

Since it's back to school for most of your kiddos and some of you - I thought I would share a little golden nugget for the Tutorial Tuesday Party. over at Hope Studios. It's not your traditional tutorial, but I am positive most moms, college students, and back-to-school moms can appreciate the significance.
If you haven't guessed, my head has been buried in books for the last week. I am being thorough in my note taking, chapter reading, and key term defining for my Medical Terminology, Intro to healthcare and Biology classes. These are classes that I am loving. However, I am taking one that I don't love, but thanks to a FREE online tutor that helps me understand concepts that I never understood before, I can get through the subject of Algebra. Not only do I think this fabby tutor will help me get through the course, I think he will help me earn a solid B! Who is this wonderful tutor, and will he work for anyone for FREE? His name is Salman Khan and if you haven't heard of the KHAN Academy - you should hop on over there and see what all the fuss is about. He can help anyone at just about any level of Math and Science...he even has some financial literacy tutorials. His mission is to 'empower everyone, everywhere with a free, world-class education' - I think he's off to a good start. Really, if you are a student, a parent who needs help in order to help your child, a teacher or just a person who likes to learn new things, take a gander - it's FREE and worth your time!
This Morning I am reviewing the Parts of a Cell and a few of the Pre-Algebra Tutorials because I have tests in both of these classes this week. Enjoy the video or go poke around on the KHAN Academy site - I have some flashcards to make. Tata for now!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Wow - what a great resource! My oldest begins Algebra this year so I will need it!