Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I am Thankful For Day 4 and Thrifty Thursday

Today is another short and sweet, I have so much algebra to do and biology and medical get it...don't even ask me about our new pet dust bunnies.  Oh well! It will all get done sooner or later right?
So, I am feeling a little guilty about this post today because it's not about my family or friends, which I am very thankful for, that's a given, but today is about worldly things...Just so I can link up with Leigh over at Bloggeritaville.  she hosts a Thrifty Thursday every week and I haven't participated in a loooong time, mostly because I don't get out as much as I used to and because if I do go out, I usually end up by books at the SA for $1.00 each...exciting for me, but for blogland..not so much.  Anywho!! Today I want to share some treasures that I basically got for free!  They are Momma's so if she ever decides she doesn't want to live with us again...I have to give them back (can you see me pouting)...but that won't happen. I think I have explained before about the shed that stores all of Momma's treasures and how every now and then I go there to be with her and bring a little of her back home with master bathroom is filled with Momma's treasures. ALL of which she bought at a thrift store or yard sale.

Yep that's mouthwash in that decanter...Momma is great at re-purposing, I think I got the idea from her. There is a matching tumbler that sits next to the bottle...I don't know why it's not in the pic...
Baby oil in this one, to remove the mascara....clever huh?
Sugar, Creamer....Qtips, cotton difference.
Little miss lovely who is supposed to have a plant growing out of her head or something, keeps my brushes at arm's length and organized.
We looked everywhere for a little box to hold my face powder...then one year Momma gave that little crystal trinket box with a powder puff in it...perfect!
The little tray is mine, I thrifted it for $2.00 with the intention to do just what's it's doing...
to keep my face care products neat and organized...the little pink decanter holds Neutrogena Body's such a treat to pour it out of here than squirt it out of the plastic bottle.
This basket just screams SPA to me...I don't know why but it is very zen...

The ginger jar was a Christmas gift from Momma, I have blogged about it before, it found it's new home in here.  All the pearls are mine and Momma's thrifted...they make me smile. The Star box  is unique in it's texture, it's almost like a shell and the candle holder is very Momma, but I like it too.
I got the little pail from target for a dollar and thrifted the scoop along time ago for $1.00 I think...I know  a little pricey but it makes me smile.  What REALLY makes me smile is the soap...I am a bit of a soap fiend...I LOVE special soaps...they are a treat for the senses!
The candlesticks were a Christmas gift from BB Brother, the plate with the candles on it was also part of gift, the pink ball was gift from's blown volcanic glass from Sonora, and the decorative plate is waiting for Baby Girl...I think...Momma will have to refresh my memory.
 This little corner shelf is Momma's too...and the little shell globe...all thrifted!

All of these thrifted treasures makes bath-time....well...see for yourself....
refreshing (glass = $1.00 - The Dollar Tree)...

and just plain relaxing (yes, I have ugly feet...don't we all).

So that is What I Am Thankful For today, all of the thrifty little treasures re-purposed and arranged to make my daily routines a truly beautiful experience. It's the little things in life that make it enjoyable!  What are you thankful for today? Hop on over to The Bz House That Love Built and let them know or post it on your Facebook.  Okay back to the algebra...I wish I could figure out how to make that more enjoyable!  Ta Ta for now!
PS...after doing this not so short post, I am having a blog dejavu...if I have blogged about my bathroom before..sorry, but I can't seem to find it or remember...I think I need a better labeling system.


Blondie's Journal said...

Your bathroom IS like a spa, DeAnna! I would feel so pampered in here. I love all your glass decanters and that basket by the bathtub is really cute!! I am loving all of momma's things!


Ann said...

Ahhh, the TUB! Wish I had one of those..nice bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your bathroom is BEAUTIFUL !!!
I'm your newest follower :)