Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh So Fickle, I know, But Blog I Must

After much contemplation and aggonaization (new word) I have come to the conclusion that blogging makes me happy...and I am all about making myself happy this year. Not that I wasn't already happy, but much like Gretchen Rubin, who wrote The Happiness Project (which I am reading right now), I am convinced I can be happier. I love my family, my home, my life...but I need to love me more...I don't know if that makes sense to anyone or anyone care but it makes me happy just typing along on my little net pad...I know I have a least one reader who cares...Hi Momma! Anywhoo...about this happiness project  thing, if you haven't read it, you should, along with several other books that I will be recommending, as I have a passion for reading, have started a book club(we are reading Eat, Pray, Love - another Happiness Journey of it's own) and sharing makes me - you guessed it - happy. What appeals to me about the Happiness project is that it written in a Monthly format...she tackles her happiness a few chunks at a time...much like Simple Abundance, Book of Days, The Frantic Woman's Guide to life (AKA - The Aggravated lady - inside joke)...I Love this format in a self help gives me permission to read it, digest and set it down...otherwise I am totally convinced that I have to gobble up the book in one sitting and apply all principles delivered and then I'm a mess and so is the house and there is usually no dinner just empty coke cans and chip bags. How's  that for authentic?
To begin her Happiness Project, Gretchen brought forth 12 commandments for herself, a list of "rules" if you will and shes also assigned a singular word to the year to help her stay focused on the goals she set.  I am still divining my commandments and rules, as I am a gleaner (I like other people's ideas - but tweak them to my purpose), but I do have my word!  The word Discipline has been rolling around in my head for a few weeks, I am not a very self-disciplined person witnessed by the fact that I have managed to rearrange several rooms in my home as a diversion to the math class I MUST complete with a B or better, watching TV or reading blogs is ALWAYS a better use of my time than doing a measly little 25 sit ups...Coca Cola is so much tastier than water...see...a total weenie.
But the word Discipline wasn't lighting any fires for me but the word there's a word (totally gleaned from somebody else). So today I will CONQUER my math procrastination!  As I go through the project I will fill you in, I am back, perhaps not daily but when my heart feels a tug...(I have so many things going on in my head...I brought home 13 library books the other day - good grief) If you'll have me, as the title says, I know I am a little fickle but blog I must. Ta Ta for now!

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