Sunday, June 8, 2008

Empty Nest Syndome?

I think I have definitely hit the wall. Yesterday I spent the day ecstatic about the fact that I had cleaned, organized and completely labeled our 2 refrigerator/freezer combos & our pantry. While my husband and daughter were working and my son, while up for a visit, had made himself scarce, I was giggling to myself while I peeled my carefully crafted labels off the sheet and adhered them to their respective shelves. How much joy can a fairly scarce but well organized, labeled refrigerator bring? Well, let me tell you; my husband has opened the refrigerator 4 to5 times in the last 24 hours and has yet to ask..."Babe, where is ____?" OMG! I do believe Avery could save many marriages with those little 5267 return address labels. Take a look at my pride and joy.

I know - I need to go shopping.

A semi close-up of the "The Sandwich Shoppe" All the fixin's for the sammy's go here except the bread, which is now located in the Deli Drawer.

The Door


The Freezer

Thanks for looking!

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