Saturday, June 20, 2009

Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy

Guitars and and Pralines was tagged by Nancy at Nancy's Tidbits to post a list of Six unimportant things that she loves. Now, I haven't been tagged (I don't know how that happens actually) but I like the post and wanted to join in. If you want to see where it started (for me), go visit these two ladies and post your own list - just a fun Saturday post.

1. Movie Theater Popcorn - I don't know why but I CAN'T see a movie at the theater without a serving or two of this incredibly fattening treat. I always try to save the popcorn for the movie but it usually gone 5 minutes into the flick because I couldn't stop my grubby little fingers from diggin' in during the previews. I truly LOVE movie Theater Popcorn.

2. The First day of school - Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. I love that the kiddos come to school with the hope of great things happening "this year" ; you can feel the butterflies in all of their tummies; it's a very exciting day. But hey, I am the funmaker on campus so I might have a different take on this day than my very close Math teacher friend. But I love that at the end of this day, that the teachers are worn out, the kiddos are exhausted and my year of pep rallies, dances, food drives and Senior Pictures has just begun.

3. Coca Cola - I cannot help my love affair with this fizzy monster. It's super sweet, burns when it goes down and has plenty of caffeine to get me through my days. Who needs energy drinks when you can drink 3 or 4 of these puppies in two hours. I know, I know it's awful, but I can't help it - forgive me.

4. Puttering - Alexandra Stoddard talks about the ritual of puttering in her book Living a Beautiful life. It was after I read the book that I realized that I am not an organizing or decorating fanatic but a puttering fanatic. A clean house allows me to go from room to room and open drawers, move things around, re-purpose items from the kitchen to the bathroom, etc. I soo enjoy puttering first thing in the morning when the sun rising and has not yet poured into the windows and especially gray days when there is the promise of rain.

5. The Tanning Bed - yikes did I just admit that! I can't help it - I meditate in there - 20 minutes of absolute solitude. No chance of anyone knocking on the door - Mom, where's the... It's really quite soothing if you don't mind small spaces. I would go everyday if I could, but I don't want to look like the mom from "There's Something about Mary".

6. Books - all kinds of books. I have a large collection of cookbooks, but my favorites are the ones written in, splashed on and dogeared by the women who have used them. I love the ones with more than recipes, a good read cookbook is a friend. I love the look of old books, ( I am a pre 60's snob) and am always on the look at for a 1st edition (of anything). I love Love story's in books but will not usually watch the movie version. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a book that makes me cry.

That was fun and a little revealing ( I am NOT a health nut), I hope you all have a great weekend and I 'll see you tomorrow - My Cup Ran Over at the drive-in this week - can't wait to tell you about it. Just leave me a comment that yu would like to join me tomorrow if you want. TaTa for now!

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sweetpralinemadness said...

I'm putter too! I can't stand still for a second when I'm home. And I love movie popcorn and Vanilla Cokes. Yum, I'm thinking about popcorn.