Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over #3

PC, me, the kiddos and their significant others made the semi-short trek to the Drive-in on Thursday. We used to take this little outing several times a year when the kiddos were younger but we have not one so in quite a while, so it was really a nice time. As I was snapping pics I realized that at that moment I had so very much to be thankful for, here's my list:
1. The dependable gas-friendly cars that got us from home to the theater and home again without a hiccup. Sometimes I long for the Mustang of my dreams but I am truly blessed by the economy of my cute little Corolla.
2. The man who packed my cute little picnic basket (I was typing the triple Friday post) because he knows I LOVE to take the basket. We always take our own snacks and hotdogs. I love our "Drive-In Dogs"; we boil the dogs, put them in the bun and wrap in foil then put them in an insulated lunch bag. They stay warm and steamy for about an yummy.

3. The desert sky that is so big and beautiful. While we sit and watch the movie, there is usually at least 3 or 4 falling stars - it's amazing. While we were driving there, I was a little worried because we are having weird cloud cover here lately - but the sky did not disappoint - we saw two falling stars and million twinkling lights in the sky and on the ground (there were even fireworks in the distance).
4. The kiddos that were just as excited about going this night as they were when they little kiddos. They were happy to share our little family outing with the important people in their lives.
5. The parents of the kiddos that are making my kiddos happy. Baby girl's guy is truly a sweetheart and makes her smile and Bubba loves him like a brother. Bubba's new girl is the first he has ever brought home to meet us. He is smitten (not an easy task for a girlie) so I know she must be special. So I am thankful that these two have families that loved them enough to allow them to love others.

Such a full cup is sometimes a little overwhelming, but I have started to take the time to recognize the blessings in my life and I am so happy to share them with you. If you want to share your blessings, please leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by and TaTa for now.

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What a blessing, to have those you love, loved. We were all together for the weekend and to see my children happy is such a joy. It just doubles the love.

Have a wonderful week.