Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summertime Day 3

Oh! I'm so excited! My Momma sent me a thunderstorm all the way from Ohio! It is the perfect day to putter around the house and organize my closet! I chose this project for my Tackle it Tuesday and Works for Me Wednesday because I was procrastinating and letting it get worse by the day AND I already knew that Color-coding my closet shaves at least 10-15 minutes off of my morning routine. Added bonus: I used Tracy Porter's idea for creating a Jewelery Nook - because my Jewelry is always a mess in my drawer. Not anymore! Isn't it Darling! What a beautiful day and it's only 9:00!

Here are a few Before shots:
See, everything is just thrown on a hanger and hung on the rod - no rhyme or reason, looking through this just frustrates me!

My shoes are the worst - I have shelves - but for some reason, they end up here.

This little chest is at the end of the closet, serves it's purpose with the drawers, but I am about to spice it up (it's a little boring).
Now the After shots (I Love this part)Color Coded - ROY G BIV then Black, Gray, white, Cream, Brown

Shoes back in their place on the shelves , window seat to sit and get dressed. Lovely!

My brand new Jewelry nook! Pay no attention to the men's clothes to the side - he has to have somewhere to put his clothes.

I don't have a lot- so this is too perfect. The Picture, the relish plate and boxes were bought at yard sales, the scarf in Paris, the Cake plate was a birthday gift from a friend. I think it needs a mirror of some sort.

Oh, this so something my Momma would do!

I hope ya'all enjoyed the post - have a great day!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Way to go!!!! Are you sure that isn't a spare room instead of a closet?
And your porch under construction is out-of-control beautiful!
Feel free to join in for my 100th post giveaway. 2nd post down. : )

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I am sooo jealous of your closet. I mean, you can sit in there. Oh, be still my heart,.