Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - The Sock Drawer

Today I Tackle the Sock Drawer! Does anyone else in blogland have a drawer that looks like this? My poor PC has to root around in here every morning to find a flippin' matching pair. So today I decided I would tackle this big ol' monster and make it useful. But then I thought what a boring post...what can I do to Jazz up the sock drawer post - Internet research of course! Let's see...

I could direct you over to the funny little "My Sock Drawer" Blog, where you can discover the Sock of the Week, or take a poll and contribute to the missing sock theory.
Or we could go traveling with Bubba (not my Bubba) from Bubba's Sock Drawer. I never knew Sock Monkeys got around so much but this little guy has been to quite a few places and he has friends - a Blogland for Sock Monkeys!
Then we could read about the Dragon in the Sock Drawer or just the review, but if I had little Kiddos believe me we would be reading that story this morning and go looking for that dragon. Of course WE would have to match and fold all the socks and find a lizard instead (stuffed of course, because Momma has one). Oh well, no little kiddos, can I borrow one or two of yours?
And of course, there is the monetary benefit of having a sock drawer. Women's Day Magazine says: Make your sock drawer an ATM -Instead of paying ATM fees every week, figure out your monthly expenses and put that much cash in a drawer or shoebox on the first of every month. "Whenever you need more cash, take out $20 at a time," Knuckey suggests. "By having only $20 in your wallet, you'll be much less likely to spend a dollar on a soda here and $3 on a snack there." You'll also tend to be more careful with your money so that it lasts all month long.

Photo: © Comstock

They also had several other tips about saving money but this is a Sock post...let's stay on track.
What about MAKING MONEY with the sock drawer? or Shopping out of the sock drawer? The Sock drawer shelter over Etsy has some really cute critters. Go see this little shop - very cute. What? okay...back on track.
We could explore alternatives to the sock drawer. Over at Organization Quest (informative little blog), this blogger talks about a friends "naturally organized" mom storing socks in shoes. Interesting...however PC has 2 pair of shoes and a gazillion socks. Nope won't work. She has a bunch of good ideas on her blog - go visit and leave some love.
Lastly, I can give you (and myself) tips copied from eHow about sorting the sock drawer:

Step 1
Pull all socks out of the drawer and onto a bed or table. Match up pairs of loose socks. Set aside those that need mending. Remove socks that are beyond repair, along with single socks, and reuse these for another purpose (see Tips) or toss.
Step 2
Insert a drawer organizer. Use narrow shoe boxes or commercial sock boxes. Make use of as much space as possible, placing the boxes lengthwise in the drawer.
Step 3
Designate a small area as a holding place for lone socks. Toss them after a month.
Step 4
Return the pairs to the drawer, grouping them in the boxes by color and type (pantyhose, sport, dress). Use a trifold method for storing the socks versus the cuff-over strategy. It's quicker and minimizes stretching of the cuff elastic.
Step 5
Match up pairs as you sort each batch of clean laundry and place them in the appropriate box.

AHA!! Step 5 is the glitch! I have to sort them BEFORE they go into the drawer - I thought my drawer was broken. Oh well, I guess what it all boils down to is that this post is still boring, and I still have a sock drawer to tackle. TaTa for now!


Susie said...

What an excellent organizing tackle!! Great ideas:-)

Bonnie said...

My van was hard work to tackle but this was one of those tackles that gets overlooked. Good job. I did all my sock/undies drawers a while back for a tackle, same deal, husband could never find a pair that matched.

Cute little blog.

I'll be back.