Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And the break comes to an end

Before I head off into next week already, I think I'll share a favorite from the week. On Black Friday while thousands of people were out and about trying to get the best bang for the buck, I stayed home, watched old movies, and made old fashioned Christmas decorations with an old friend. It was a very relaxing day with great rewards.

Our friends - Randy & Theresa came from Bakersfield for Thanksgiving and stayed (just like in the old days when family and friends joined you in the country and stayed awhile) overnight. While the boys were golfing ,T and I are staying in and "crafted" little villages..ala Martha Stewart.
They turned out so cute; however it did take all day to do the few we completed. We were noshing on leftovers and watching movies, so maybe it didn't take that long. One twist to Martha's instructions...we used cereal boxes as the chipboard.
Now, I have to hit the ground running...BIG week this week, both at school and at home...Cookie Exchange! I can't wait! TaTa for now!

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