Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blue Monday-Let the De-decorating begin....

Over at Smiling Sally - It's Blue Monday! Because I was gone for a great deal of the season, I want to share with you a little bit more Christmas. I know, I know, some of you are sooo done with the holidays, I am too in a way...I have even begun de-decorating a room a day in hopes to be finished before Winter Break is over (my decorations have been up since Veteran's Day). For me, de-decorating is a time of reflection, I am usually so busy putting things up and planning next steps that the decorating process doesn't get a lot of "sentimental" thought. So as I begin to put away Christmas, I may be sharing some of my reflections...bear with me.
This tree is one of the three new additions in our home this year, but to me it is the most important. This tree is in Baby Girl's room. She wanted a to start buying ornaments this year because she does not plan on living at home next Christmas and she wants to make sure she has decorations. So, this year I get to walk into her mess of a room, look at the beautiful tree she created and paid for on her own and wonder where will she be next year?
My baby has grown into such a strong young woman and while she is taking her time, she has been planning her transition from our home to her "own" place for a while now. To me the blue tree is a poignant tell tale sign of old traditions fading into memories and new traditions not yet begun...will she want to stay all night on Christmas Eve and open her stocking or will Santa have to deliver her presents to this new place she will to call her new home? It will be a Blue Christmas indeed.
The tree is such a reflection of her personality...the disco balls, the things she calls "Sea Urchins" and of course the cute little crocheted Jellyfish. Her BFF/future roommate made this for her with the thought of them hanging it on "their tree" next year.
I am happy that she wants to start planting her own set of roots, but I am sad that this tree will have only known one Christmas in our's such a lovely tree, I will visit it often.


Blondie's Journal said...

This is such a heartfelt post...I have a lump in my throat. I went through so many of those feeling last year when my baby girl was preparing for college. She was, well...a little too eager to leave. It made me question what I was to her... And of course all I could think about is what life would be like without her. Well, I adjusted and truth be told, she was homesick and a bit more sad then me.

Enjoy your time together and think of all the ways she will STILL BE in your life!


SmilingSally said...

Birdies have to fly away, but thank goodness, they often fly back to visit. I've gone through this too and I totally understand. Happy Blue Monday, Anna!

bj said...

bwaaaa...I so know how you are feeling. When my two left for school, I thought, "Well, I'm just gonna DIE !" ....but, I didn't. That was years and years my 45 yr old son is a grandfather and my 40 yr old has a 20 yr, I am cryin' cause my GRANDS are all grown up! BUT...the wonderful thing...they are all right here in the city, close to me. All 10 grands....and my two babies!!:)
So glad you showed us your Christmas trees...
xo bj

Joops said...

beautiful decorations.

My Blue Monday entry, Happy new year!!

jlshall said...

Lovely post. And such a lovely tree, too. I always dread de-decorating after Christmas. If I had my way, I'd just leave the decorations up all year!

Happy New Year from Joysweb

Dixie said...

It's going to be hard to put away all that blue Christmas!

Claudie said...

I have one baby left at home... he's 17 in his last year of high school. I on the other hand will kind of welcome the free time. Two have gone off to college.
Enjoy your tree while you can.
Happy Blue really is blue for you today isn't it Anna. It's my first time visiting.
Love Claudie