Sunday, March 21, 2010

All Bark and No Write

I have been absent and I have no excuse...other than as got in the way. I have been extremely busy at work trying to finish the year and get the new year ready for my replacement. This is easier said (or written) than done. Once I get home, I am exhausted and do not have the energy to do anything (well PC has been taking me for a walk with the dogs - I think I'm gonna need my own leash soon). My weekends are still not my own (dances, conferences, festivals and graduations to plan and supervise). So alas, the pantry that desperately needs to be purged and organized has to wait; the garden I promised myself I would start has yet to even make it into the little peat pots I bought much less the honey-do boxes that I haven't even asked the honey to do; and the memories captured digitally over the past fve or six years still have not found their way into a carefully planned, haphazardly put together scrapbook. Let's not even think about the whole spring-time going to start eating right and exercise more to lose weight promise. But somehow, I have managed to find time for sharing some Wine with the girls :)
The sun is shining and warm, the days are longer and I need to stop whining and start blogging (which in reality is doing because we all do things then we blog about the doing). I have done a few things around the house that are blog worthy and I even have a few pics and recipes for The Dream Kitchen. In addition to present day bloggertunities (new word = joy ), I have been going through all of my photos and files on my laptop in order to ensure that the proper things get to my replacement in the proper she doesn't have to search forever for a file (I have odd names and multiple folders for the most random things - 13 years of brainstorms), and plenty of bloggertunities :) await in those dusty files. I even have a new cute little Asus Netbook (that I have yet to transfer files to). So no more-even if it's a random one sentence thought - I'm going to blog (can you see me standing on my chair waving my fists in the air?)! I'm even going to menu plan! Thanks for reading and TaTa for now!

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Terri Smith said...

LOVE these photos! So pleased I popped over to see what's been shakin' in your neck of the woods!

Blessings, Joy and Monday Sunshine, Terri