Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's - The Desert in Bloom

Today is Sunday...Mother's Day...I am missing my Momma. We talked on the phone this morning and I mentioned that the Desert is in bloom and she I thought I would take her on a Sunday Drive...I thought about her the whole time I was winding up the road, remembering a road trip we took about 5 years ago. Come along for the ride.
When we first moved to the Desert 22 years ago,none of us (me, her, my little brother) were taken by the nature-scape. Everyone told us that we should give it a'll grow on you, they would say. I thought "nothing grows here!"
I was wrong, the Desert has its own beauty...not like the lush green hills of Kentucky that I was so used to when we moved out here, but rugged mountain flowers determined to bloom no matter where they are planted.

Don't even get me started on the great big sky...I never saw so much sky all at once until I looked up in the Desert.
Happy Mother's Day Momma, I miss you.

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