Monday, May 17, 2010

Moody Monday and Movie Monday Meme

Over at Moody Monday, today's mood is Close: being in or having proximity in space or time,marked by similarity in degree, action, feeling, etc,having the parts or elements near to one another.
To participate I started to dig around in my files and found some pictures from almost a year ago. To me they have a "Close" feeling for many reasons..take a gander...
These two photos are more of the feeling "Cutting it Close", Bubba & Baby Girl were finishing up papers for their class that were taking together...and yes the papers were due in less than an hour. It also feels "Close" to me because they are the best of friends..they really love each other and that makes me so happy.
That same day, Da Niece and Da Nephew came to visit. PC and I took them to a movie and then Mickey D's and then we went to the fish hatchery. I snapped photos of them in the car because it was a similar moment to me as the kiddos...they were being the best of friends giggling and laughing(we weren't moving - we hadn't left yet). Reminding me of just how "close" they were to being those giant teenagers I was dealing with in the morning...too close. And my giant teenagers are too far away from being those giggly little faces...aww time is such a paradox.
My Movie Monday contribution is something I am surprised that has not been mentioned thus of my favorite all time singing and dancing movies! Can you hand jive baby?

I love both of these Meme ideas! Tata for now!


kaye said...

yes, grease is a classic--nice choice :)

The Bumbles said...

DOH! How could I have spaced on Grease? Many a hot summer afternoon was spent recreating those dances along to the soundtrack album in my neighbor's basement ;0)