Saturday, May 22, 2010

Streaming on Saturday

Usually Saturday morning is a day to stay in bed late and cuddle with PC, but this morning I woke up wit a bajillion things in my head and decided to do a stream of consciousness journal...not too interesting to the world but I needed to get it out of my head:
Coffee....I need coffee, do I still have enough creamer? I need to go to hunt and gather tomorrow but I should clean the refrigerator first, I should clean the stove hood, I should be ashamed at how my kitchen looks this morning. Is the load of laundry that I started on Thursday in the washer or the dryer...probably on the counter, baby girl called me looking for her laundry, need to fold and put away that and do at least two more loads...I hate laundry.
Need to call Momma this morning, missing her and haven't talked since she left. I hate how busy this time of the year gets, oh well, last time, right? The light reflection looks so pretty on the floor, I should take a picture, I wish I had a sepia mode on my camera, where is that damn memory card...I need to get another one...take one out, put one in, never out of film. I wonder what I should make with my new mixer...I need to use it at least once a week...I am a little intimidated by it...great, the dogs are out, Bella is howling for them...I don't get it, they have 2 1/2 acres to run around on but they still need to get out? And Momma's right; why do dogs dig out but never back in? The cinnamon rolls looked good, Baby girl and Bubba would love them but PC can't eat them, what else? The carpet looks horrible again, need to vacuum, I can't wait until both of them don't work at restaurants anymore, they are killing the old do your children need to be before semi-white carpet is a good idea? Oh right never! Maybe some angel food cake for the strawberries.. he would enjoy that and I haven't used that pan in...ever. That would be a good Dream Kitchen topic. I wonder if Bubba can put the screens on the windows so the house can breath? I really need to plan my menu this week, another big week this house, grad breakfast, grad practice, awards night...need to still plan the ASB awards and we need to play softball...the new campus is weird but it will be great for "them"...weird because I'm not one of them anymore, really.Not having ants on my desk is nice though. Did the florist get her check..OMG the slide show...breathe. I hope the musical numbers turn out will be great..they are our kiddos..".we"( I'm still part of the "we" until June 14.) have great kiddos.
I'm so glad BFF is coming to scrap tomorrow, need to get up early so I can hunt and gather then have the day to play, she's had a bigger week than me...poor thing - she needs to unwind. I wonder if PC is gonna want to do something though? When is registration for new students at RCC? Need to take care of that today...Amber's Itinerary needs to be somewhat solidified soon, need Baby Girl and Bubba to request days off...beach beach beach - yeah! Thank you cards, I need to do one for everybody and my birthday - I should do the birthday ones today or tomorrow...for everybody though- that's about 80 - can I remember 13 years of thank yous for small thing is all I need - just to let them know I am a better person because of my experiences with them over the last thirteen form letter type stuff...personal, small, meaningful. My hair is a mess, need to get purty for PC, he will be tired when he gets home...maybe I should run him a bath...that would be really purse is getting annoying, so is the car, maybe Baby girl & Bubba can wash our cars...need to separate all of the receipts, what was that song I heard on that blog? Need to add that to my playlist...two songs is a little annoying for me, Moby needs food...the dogs are getting low too...THE DOGS!
To Do Today
Make Coffee
Make Bed
Get Purty
Call Momma
Put Dishes away
Start a new load
Put clothes away
start a new load
Clean refrigerator
Clean Stove hood
Clean out purse
Bubba put in screens (tomorrow)-->
Wash Car (tomorrow)-->
Vacuum houseBaby girl did this!
Plan tomorrow's Scrap session with BFF (straighten scraproom)
Plan Menu for week - make hunt and gather list
Make Angel Food cake

To Do Sunday
Hunt and Gather
finish laundry
do whatever I didn't on Saturday

To Do Monday
Check on Florist
Check on Confetti
Put together Slide show for breakfast
Open house
Get collage's ready for breakfast
Call printer
Check cords and awards - enough?
Call 4L order 5 sashes (more cords?)
Finalize Senior Awards program
Call BVR
Finalize Grad program
download music for awards prog
ASB prez's speech - where is it?
Breathe - it's almost over....
Do admissions for RCC, Barstow and SBV
Breathe it's just beginning...

I'm linking to Saturday 9 (a silly little meme) I'm sure I answered a question in here rules, Straight out of the Camera Sunday over at Murietta 365 and Shadow Shot Sunday @ Hey Harriet- Tata for now!

Update: while doing my todo's I was of course hopping around in blogland and found some of the cutest new blogs to follow...I am especially loving Seven Thirty Three, so I'm linking to her which opened me up to a whole new part of blogland - a really fun part! Yeah! I know - back to work!


Greyscale Territory said...

Hilarious post with great shadow shots in between! Too scarey for me to compile a "To Do" list! Somehow the list grows endlessly! The more you write the more you write! I think I will stay blissfully ignorant this weekend! Maybe next weekend!

Lynda Howells said...

love your images for Shadow shot sundayx lyndax

Terri Smith said...

Sensational photos! Loved how you captured those shadows! Wow! And can I just say your post was great too! I've been away from blogging for a wee bit and it's so good to be back. Haven't popped over in a while and look what all I've missed!

Hugs & Summer Sunshine, Terri

P.S. I checked out your new favorite blogsite "733," and joined as a Follower. You've got a good eye!

wayward windra said...

i really love the new design - it's so cute, relaxed and sophisticated all at the same time. and of course, i truly love reading your posts, they are always the best parts of my days. lots of fun for me being with you as you spiral through your day - but you know i can't help but worry - are you breathing enough sweetie? i miss you.

loves and prayers

wayward windra said...

forgot: loved, really loved the shadow shots - and the pictures of the roses, and the kids, and the decorations, and the party, and just about everything you take a picture of. you have such a good eye for the great shots . . .

loves & prayers