Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday

I was so excited when I stumbled upon Ms. Green "thumb'" Bloomin' Tuesday meme. I do not have a garden or flowers as of yet but I am constantly snapping photos of them wherever I go.  I often dream of creating a wall collage with my little works of art, but alas, here on my hard drive they sit. I like to travel and I like to take pictures, so all of my blooms will be from other's gardens (I hope that's not against the rules). Sometimes I remember where I was when I took a picture...other times not so much, so sometimes there will be a reminiscent photo journal and others just a pretty picture. So enjoy and remember to hop over to our lovely host Ms. Green "thumb" and take a look at all the other lovelies!

Kensington Palace, London England July 2007
Fit for a Princess.

This is from one of the bouquets left on the fence.
Baby Girl took this shot...it really is a cool photo.
Me, in front of the Palace -It really is quite cool inside -but no photos allowed.

Baby Girl was in love with London!
nuff' said.

Thanks for stopping by - Tata for now!


Blondie's Journal said...

Your pictures are really stunning...you should frame them!! I love the spider web.

I have always wanted to go to London and of course, the Palace. I was a huge fan of Princess Diana. It's nice to know she is still being remembered.


Anonymous said...

Pretty blooms, thanks for sharing. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday. :)

Jean said...

Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! There are basically no rules, we just love seeing bloomers! We don't care who grew them. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Looking forward to more of your great photos. Jean