Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday - Kitchen Drawers

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I wanted to share something that I have been thinking about doing for year, but just recently tried and I am so glad I did.  Several years ago I was going through the Good Things of Martha's Mag and spotted some major eye candy for me!  An organized Knife and cooking utensil drawer.  It was beautiful....what made it so beautiful and how did she keep it that way (oh yeah, I forgot - she has a staff)?  I loved it so much I vowed to do that very thing to make my new kitchen (new is now 6 years old) even better.  Sooo, I happened to be in the neighborhood of our local fabric store and that eye candy popped into my head!  Straight over to the felt I went and now for a little over two weeks, I have had the most perfect knife and gadget drawers.  Take a peek!

I would have never showed you this drawer before...wait what am I talking about, I showed you PC's sock drawer!
Seeeee! I told you it's pretty!  I know, I know, my knives are all dull and a mix-mox - but don't they look nice on the grey flannel?  Yep that's the secret...Martha has her drawers lined with grey flannel.  It makes the knives pop for easy visual recognition (I was looking for a different word than "spotting") AND they don't move around! They little organizer in the back holds all the steak knives.
Sorry, I'm just in love with this drawer : )
And this one!  Nothing shifts around and when I put the dishes away - everything has a place!

This is another  little secret (not Martha's) that I wanted to share...I got this little secret SitsaM...she's a little Italian cook, who has been teaching me the art of "sauces". While I was in her kitchen, I noticed that she has silverware in two drawers, one near the table (where mine is) and one next to her stove. The one next to the stove only has a few spoons, forks and knives, but I watched her reach for those while she was cooking instead of taking from the "tableware".  Smart! Huh?  If you already do this - I think you are a genius! Well, it just so happens I have one set of silverware that is not a complete set and now it has a home and everybody knows where they go based on their pattern.  So that's what works for me (and Martha) Grey Flannel!  I'm going to go organize another drawer or something, Tata for now!


Blondie's Journal said...

Using felt is an ingenious idea! And Martha is good for that. I will have to give it a try.


Lovely Lacey said...

One of my next projects is going to be the kitchen and I am going to use this felt idea :-) Right now my drawers are a mess!

Lovely Lacey said...

Oh I forgot to say thanks for following my blog so Thanks!