Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to Reality...

CuzzyA leaves tomorrow morning (at Six AM...that means we have to leave the house no later than 4AM...ugh!), so today we will be relaxing, washing seashells, doing some laundry, making sure all photos (about 1000 in total) have been transferred to both puters', maybe baking some cheesecake (gotta clean out the fridge first), but mostly making the most of our time together today (I type this as she is fast asleep because I have exhausted her).  As mentioned above there are so many pics to post and share, (she loves to take pics just like me), so I have enough material for a few days at least.  But the reality of it all is that my Sta-cation is over and I need to get prepared for the fall, one drawer, one shelf, one room, plot of land and one coupon at a time.Yep! I am adding Vegetable gardening (and maybe some Chickens) to my plan as well as couponing!  Brave, I know, but I need to make up for some of my lost income...right?  Before I go wake up the Cuzzy to have her start her laundry, and me start the dreaded cleaning out of the fridge, I 'll leave you with some eye candy from CuzzyA's Visit...
Las Vegas - June 2010
We had her fly into Vegas so that we could show her all the sites there are to see in the city that never sleeps. 
Baby Girl went with us - that is her foot - she plans to go to the real New York sometime soon, so she was happy with our choice of hotel.
Like most hotels in Vegas it is hard to tell that you are in a building...they pack so much stuff in these things!
First stop - food!  She was on a 8 hour flight!  So when you are in New York - yo want Pizza...wait I thought we were in Vegas?
Baby Girls Says - "Best Pizza ever!"
If it wasn't for the crazy Carpet - you'd think I was strolling down the streets of NYC with my PC...hmmm.
Then off to Excalibur (no outside photos - sorry). They have these jewelry stands all over the place.
One of the ladies working the booth said "well I've can honestly say I have never seen anyone do that before." She was talking about me taking the close up of the shiny things...really, not anyone?
We went down to the Arcade to kill time before dinner. Catching the girls taking there pics in a photo booth...who is that handsome prince spying on them?
Air hockey is a favorite around our family. Good clean fun...I think that's  a Muwwwahhaaha laugh from me, because I was able to sink one puck on his side...he beat me...bad.
Did someone order tickets to a gun show?  Sexy!
Baby Girl says - Bring it on!
CuzzyA beat me too...sad.
Did someone say SkeeBall - BabyGirls's Fav!
Daddy-Daughter moment - cheesy!
Messing with the camera...
Then to dinner - It's a Dinner show...Knights, horses, Merlin, lasers, and Grub!
Ready to eat and cheer!
Believe it or not this comes down from the ceiling and is THE ROUND TABLE..where all of the knights would be eating and meeting.
The table all set for grub!
A little stroll down The Strip and look who we run into!
MMMMM....M&M's - they have FOUR floors of stuff to buy! 
Then to the Bellagio to see what's new in the garden...Sunflowers!
This picture looks vaguely familiar to is amazing how much Vegas can make you think you are somewhere else in the world.
Hope you enjoyed tagging along - this was just the first Half day that we were there, so there is more.
Well I'm off to spear the great grey & white whales (the fridges)!  Tata for now!


Blondie's Journal said...

You really captured Las Vegas in these pictures, Deanna! I have been there a zillion times but never stayed at looks fun!

So glad you had fun with your cousin. All of you look so happy!!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Looks like a world of fun! Loved seeing your pics!


Sheila :-)