Friday, July 9, 2010

The Path to a Simpler Way of Life - And more of CuzzyA's Visit

This journey that I am on in a complicated has become somewhat popular to "Simplify", and with all things popular there is always propaganda. Take for instance, the Magazine Real Simple, which to me is basically a Living Magazine printed on what feels like Recycled that the simple part or is is that sometimes Martha's Mag has photos of HER homes and Real Simple has REAL peoples homes...doing the same types of things.  I am on a Mag tangent because I have decided in my quest to Simplify my life that I will purge my 20 years of collection...Martha's included.  Of course, this takes time and discipline...I plan to have zero Mags left and just a collection of clippings...that I will label "Please throw away when the aliens come and get me  because they are not that important".  Simplify....does that mean organize your things or purge your things and make them someone else's junk or quit your job,  start a dream career,  focus on my health and worry about money, cook things from scratch, clip coupons, plant a garden and raise chickens, see...propaganda. Maybe the difference is that doing those things will get my old body back, find me more involved with our money, connect with the family more and connect with mother nature, maybe the difference is in the payoff, I'm certainly hoping. Clearly I am confused about my path today...I am dusting, vacuuming, purging the nest because day by day its becoming...something...not an empty nest per say just a little vacant at times.  CuzzyA left this morning for Ohio (her company will be missed), BabyGirl is at work along with PC and Bubba is fast asleep from working the third shift, so I was left alone with my thoughts and this is what you get...well maybe I'll include some pics also...

Hollywood, CA  June 26, 2010
First stop on this little trip, my Fav Fast Food joint! Gotta fuel up!
Pumpkin is a fan too, but mostly of the wet naps.
Yep, even the Veggie loves Chick-fil-A...
because they have THE BEST WAFFLE FRIES!
Already being silly - ready to make the loooong walk down both sides of Hollywood Blvd.
Pay no attention to the giant Patron bottle behind me...
Besides Hollywood Blvd, Vine St is the only other one with the Stars.
And here on Vine St. is James Dean - the Girls LOVE him!
One of my Favs... "Play it again Sam"
Great Halloween Resource! They wouldn't let me take pics but you can check out their website
Did I mention is a an animal LOVER!
She thinks Will Smith is pretty cool too!
My Rugrat - isn't she beautiful!
Weirdest shoe store...cute but weird.
They have been awarding stars for 50 years...huh, didn't know that.
Drag Queens! It wouldn't be Hollywood without them!
Cutest "little" rock-a-billy shop - those are all clerks!
And this is one of the CUTEST dresses I have seen in a long time!

Still going strong!
She LOVES Godzilla - GRRRR!
We made it!
Guess?  Yep, Marilyn & Jane.
I am a closet Trekkie!
A fav....
One of the more "tame" street performers.
I really love when you look down an alley and see the unexpected.
Of all the stars out there - he has not been nominated for a Star on the Walk of Fame...weird.  BTW It's Clint Eastwood at the Wax Museum.  
That is not the end of day, but I need to go do some P90X, as the day has slipped away, I got a lot done but the pics took forever to load today. I am sill at a loss for the way to a simple life... guess I have t take it one step at a time on this path...I prefer to know what the destination is but perhaps that is my lesson; the path or "journey" is more important...sounds so cliche`, but I think it might be true. I hope you enjoyed the Hollywood tour, tomorrow LA INK & The Sign!  Off to work out! Tata for now!


Terry said...

I receive "Real Simple" catalog. Like you I am trying to purge and am always looking for help. Love the Hollywood pics. I used to hang out down there at the Roxy, Whiskey and a theater where there were midnight showings of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show".

Housewife Bliss said...

looks like a fab time was had by all...I really enjoyed the pictures, I love LA.

Jonell said...

Your Subject caught my here's my 2cents worth [unsolicited] lol
Simplifying your environment is whatever you are comfortable and content [at peace] with. My husband's idea of CLUTTERED is not mine..what he used to call cluttered I considered PLANNED CLUTTER..tastefully arranged groupngs of collections -now we are in a totally different house..easier to clean and dust and dirt are not as easily SEEN..I have delegated some of the CLUTTER/COLLECTIONS ETC..TO the seasons and events require I venture up and remind myself what's there ..ahhhhhhhhhhh u know..then choose things to alternate about the house to suit the need at that time of year. I THINK IT MAKES HIM FEEL GOOD JUST KNOWING THERE'S STUFF HIDDEN AWAY UP IN THE ATTIC..anyway..simplify to suit's GOTTA BE YOU GIRL..that's what I decided about my blogs..not to try to have mine "as beautiful" as so many of you ladies..mine are "JUST ME"
? ck it out at and