Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Decorating - Its a Party (well actually two)!

I am sooo excited to share with you what I have been up to for the last couple of days but even more excited about the Fall Decorating and And Fall Mantel Bloggy Parties that are going on this morning over at The Nester and Hooked on Houses (two of fav blogs in the world).  I can't wait to hop over there and check out all of the other bloggers beautiful ideas!  Of course, I'm late posting this morning,I was going to do this yesterday but my computer decided to freak out and short story we are.  I really wanted to get away from the garishness of the typical Halloween decorations, not because I don't like them, because I do - I LOVE smiling Jacks but only Martha and some of you bloggers seem to be able to pull that off and not look like you have preschoolers in the house doing the decorating. anywho, I have 20+ years of stuff that I have collected and A LOT of Momma's Stuff that was NEVER a Halloween decoration item in her home, but she said I could do whatever I want with whatever I want, so I go digging in the boxes and find treasure of all sorts!  Her stuff was extremely useful for the potion cabinet.  While not completely elegant nor completely spooky nor garish my Fall Decorations are a direct reflection of where I am in my head right now...trying to hold on to the memories of Halloween past and looking forward to being a bit of a she a good witch or a bad witch?  Have fun touring - I had fun decorating and so far have not spent a dime...but I'm not done just yet!
This is my Mantel  - I plan on putting the number 31 in that frame and adding some crows and crow silhouettes and some black tulle.
I've had these guys for a few years - but think they are just adorable and add a bit of whimsy...
Oops! You can see the mess that was accumulating on the hearth...anywho...I had this silvery branch thing left over from Christmas so I thought it added a bit of spooky to the fireplace.

Ugh!  You can see the cord!  Oh Well...Momma painted these Jacks a loooong time ago - probably 25 years or longer - I just love them and what about that darling metal Witches hat?  I Know!
Not Halloween without a little black kitty!!
A black sheet, some cobwebs, scrap material and my Dining Nook is transformed!  PC actually went to straighten the pictures when he got home...he was so confused when I said NO!  They are supposed to be like that! Poor man.
The sunlight streaming through the curtains just adds spookiness.
Then we make it over to my favorite little Potion Cabinet -inspired by Wanda the Witch herself !!  She's a good Witch.
All of the labels came from either Matthew Meade or The Love Manor (which is Frightfully Awesome!!)...I had so much fun putting these all together and I'm not done!!
I have since added the "horns" - you know sea shells are very handy to have around.
Yep, that's Momma - she had no idea when she did this photo shoot about 6 years ago that she would have the starring on my Potion Cabinet, but how could I not put that picture there?!  It makes me smile every time I walk by my favorite decoration!
I need a label for these "fish eyes"...just black glass beads, clear marbles and vegetable oil...I LOVE them!
Yes, that's an apple under the dome...oh my! I got the "how-to" for the potion covers at A Fanciful Twist (also awesome).

A little blurry but still spooky...
Do you see what I see?
The "fog" is white tulle -it's pretty convincing, the frog is from one of Momma's boxes.
Did I mention the great labels at The Love Manor? They have a pretty nifty witches kitchen...
I think I might add a couple of Bat silhouettes and I definitely need a broom, but for the most part I LOVE IT! 
Halloween is Baby Girl's favorite Holiday and her BFF gave her this "passenger" to keep her company in the car...too cute!
I hope you enjoyed my decorations I know I won't get anything done today because I will be too busy drooling over all of the other bloggers decorations.  Gotta go get a towel - Tata for Now!! Be sure to check out The Nest and Hooked on Houses for their fabby parties!


Blondie's Journal said...

Great post!! You really get into fall and decorating. I love your mantel, very pretty and your potion cabinet is awesome. You should have a 'real' Halloween party so everyone can enjoy!


the cape on the corner said...

love all your halloween decor, but especially the potions, oh my GOODNESS! super cute!

Artist Terri Smith said...

FABULOUS POST DEANNA! Love all your special touches..especially the mantel. CRACKED up at Baby Girl's passenger! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Way CUTE! Love to you sweet friend, Terri

Debbie said...

Deanna your Fall/Halloween decor is rockin...i love it, and it looks spooky in a classy kind of way.

Gail said...

Your halloween decor ia awesome! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comment.

Have a wonderful day.