Friday, September 17, 2010

100 days 'til Christmas!!

Well, now it's 99 days, but I am still so excited that Jennifer over List Planet has launched 100 Days to Christmas - a blog carnival meant to help us get ready for the holidays.  Of course I'm late (those of you who know me are wondering what's new) but I am ready to start planning!  So if we are at 99 days until the big day that means we are 16 days away from Baby Girl's big "21", 44 days away from Halloween, 57, days away from decorating for Christmas, 69 days away from Thanksgiving, 79 days away from My Annual Cookie Exchange, and 81 Days until finals week!  Not to mention all of the other birthdays, book club meetings, Wine Tasting trips, and Holiday outings in between....did I mention Momma will be home for some time during the Cookie exchange week...whew!  I don't know if I could make it without her.We are making grand plans so I better make sure I am WELL prepared (studies) before she gets here.  Anywho, no matter if you are following the 100 Days to Christmas or the CEO's (I do miss the forums but have been using the info for years) Organized Christmas, they both talk about the importance of getting out a Calendar and start writing all of the "stuff" down.  As you can see from my little countdown above I can check that off, however I do need to add somethings...but first I need to set my goals for the today I shall gather my tools of the trade; pull out my Emily Barnes holiday planner (been using this for 21 years), My Frantic Woman book, and a few other resources and begin building this year's Holiday Notebook. I also plan on getting down the Halloween boxes so that I can start scattering them around the house...Oh!  I'm getting excited aren't you!  I love summer and during the summer I always think...this is my new favorite season,but then the crisp air rolls in and I start dreaming of sweaters, twinkling lights, baking with Momma and leftover turkey sandwiches...yummo!  Gotta go pull some boxes and do some algebra, Tata for now!


Blondie's Journal said...

Where does the time go?! This post reminds me of all the busy~ness we have to look forward to {and maybe not so much!!}. I am just looking forward to fall for now!! :-)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Love the music:) So, what are Halloween boxes? I'm very curious about those. Maybe it's somewhere on your blog already. I'm going to peruse and see what I can find. Have a blessed weekend!

HDMac said...

I, too, am following 100 Days to Christmas..... Here's to a stress free organized journey!!! :)

One More Equals Four said...

I am not following the blog...but my daughter began planning her Christmas list this week and we have it prominently displayed on the counter, so I guess our preparations have begun!

Good luck with all your holiday planning and with school as well! Have a great weekend!

DeAnna said...

@Janie - Thanks for stopping by-the busyness is just what I need.
@Doug and Jhona MY Halloween boxes are just those orange and black steralite boxes from Target...I keep everything Halloween in these, costumes, makeup and decorations..
@HDMac - so glad you joined - I'll hop over to your blog.
@One More Equals Four - I am making my family (all grown up) put their wish list on Amazon - whether I get it ther or not - at least I have an iea of what they really want.