Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Language, New World

I admit it, I am on a Miles Davis kick but his (accompanied by John Coltrane here) smooth notes and soulful tones make this music that I can truly listen too and not be distracted while studying. Today I am studying for my first Medical Terminology test, which should be easy but it's on 4 chapters and it's kicking my butt a little. I know I can do it, learning a new language is challenging but it's also fun. What I find most interesting is that, when I learn these new words, mostly conditions, I want to know how does this happen? What kind of treatment does a person get? How many times will I see this? I get excited and want to know more! Goose pimples! This is fun! So while this tune does not convey excitement, it conveys relax...take it all in....let it become apart of who you are...internalize the language.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Gotta go internalize some combining forms (Khan Academy needs some tutorials about Medical Terminology), Ta Ta for now!

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Silver Strands said...

How wonderful that you're so into your education. Mark Twain said "I try to not let my Schooling get in the way of my learning" or something like that. Sounds like you've got no worries there :)