Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where I Blog or The View from My Big Chair

Centsational Girl is hosting a "Where I Blog" party and you know me - I love a party, so I thought I'd share my "blogspots" for those that are interested.  I know this may be terribly boring to some, but for me I love to look into the homes of others - it's like going to a model home (most of these ladies' homes are) and getting ideas right from the comfort of my big chair. My blogspots may not be as nice as some of the other ladies, but they are mine and they make me happy.
In the wee hours of the morning, just after PC has left and I have emptied the dishwasher, put a new load of laundry in and made the bed, I sit down in my big chair with my first cup of coffee.  It's my favorite chair, I had to have the set because of the chair...I have since learned, (from looking at other bloggers homes) that my chair and couch do not need to match but only compliment (or contrast) one another. So when we shop around for new furniture, I will keep my big chair because I love it so.
The view from my big chair is nice, I get to watch the sun rise through our beautiful front door...this makes me happy, but as you can see, the twinkle lights on Momma's Fairy Tree make me happy too...they provide enough light until the sun rushes in the door.
Speaking of Fairies, did you spot her on the hearth?  She's Momma's too but I think she is lovely coffee is getting cold... I'll just sit here and wait for the sun to rise, sip and meditate (what I call my High Five)...Brook Noel is my inspiration this morning, sometimes it is Sarah Breathnach, sometimes Alexandra Stoddard, sometimes Tracy Porter and of course, always, you bloghers- I so enjoy your musings, inspirations and eye-candy.
Before the sun does rise - Bubba comes home from the third shift, I feel bad for him most times, but I think it is building character in him, teaching him to provide...helping him become a man. We chat for a moment, then he is usually off to bed and I am back to being alone with my thoughts.
And then the sun rushes in, through every bevel and pane of is... ethereal. I shift around for a few moments to try to finish what I was reading or typing, give thanks to the universe for providing and then I surrender to the new day that has begun.   
After getting up from my big chair, I check the load of laundry, pour my third cup of coffee (I really need to cut back) and move my net-book into my office, fix breakfast for Baby Girl and me so we can have our morning chat and me take a leisurely shower and throw on some lounging clothes... used to be I would have to rush around to get ready for work, thinking of the kajillion things I had to do JUST at work...but here's the place I do my job now...I'm a student and a internet junkie.  This is a brief season in my life, I am sure that in no time I will be back to rush rush rush, but for now I am content to let the world spin faster than the speed of's a revelation and I am accepting the slow motion of my life and enjoying blogging about boring things like where I blog.
Be sure to check out all the great blogspots over at Centsational Girl (one of my Favs BTW), I have an Algebra test to take!  Tata for now!


Love the Decor! said...

Very pretty home and blog office!!
love the toile board in the background

MariS said...

Aww, PC, I luv that!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your home is SO pretty. I'd be blogging everywhere!!