Sunday, August 28, 2011

A New Day

Good morning! I'm just sitting outside listening to the soundtrack of the sunrise...howling coyotes, roosters and a few sparrows battling over the breadcrumbs I threw on the ground earlier. I'm trying my hand at mobile blogging this morning, I use my precious iPhone for everything else why not to get back to blogging right? It's a new day and I have so much to tell...I am no longer on the path to being a nurse; I found out quickly while in CNA training that nursing, though noble a career, is not what I thought it was. So now I am back to what I now know is my true calling ( maybe I was a little burnt out)...teaching. Now granted, I am not jumping in the deep end just yet, for fear of drowning again, but I am wading. On this beautiful Sunday morning, after a quick once over of the humble abode, I have Algebra homework and a paper to write... yes I am a student, still. I believe that is what this life change was all about, the journey, not the destination ( although a general direction is nice to set the compass) but most certainly not the path...I know in my heart to be a better teacher, a more self actualized person, I need to invest more into my
education. So my major has changed from Nursing to Special Education. I am attending an awesome school - Western Governors University - completely online and fabulous! But to keep me fresh and in touch with the staff and students that I cannot seem to put behind me, I'm also substituting at my old school! I am so excited - they start next week and while I wish no one ill, I can't wait for my first call!
I'm sure it will be different, a lot has changed about the school in a year, but much like my pics this morning - its the lens that makes the difference.  Tata for now!

PS, if you get a chance - hop on over to one of my former kiddos blogs- Blunders & Blessings and give her some bloggy love!

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Clarissa said...

I am so excited that you are back substituting at EHS! You are such a blessing to students! :)