Monday, August 29, 2011

Wait! Don't Go! Okay you can go for now - but only if you promise Cookies!

Everybody is posting on FB or blogs their goodbyes to summer. I guess in this little time vacuum that I am in, I just don't see the end quite yet. Well, for one it is going to be about 102 degrees here today and for two I have had such an awesome summer with PC, my kiddos and my Sistas that I just didn't see the end coming.  When I say I had an awesome summer - I mean this is one of those I will keep going back to on those days I need a good memory to get me through...
The View from our Campsite in Carpinteria, CA.
Our Awesome beach cruisers - mine has a basket now!
Our perfect little Beach Camper!
With that said, I have a ton of schoolwork to try and get completed before I get that first call (!!), and wouldn't you know it, while I was blog hopping yesterday, I landed at Organized Christmas! Yesterday just happened to be the very first day of The Holiday Grand Plan.  I know I know! This always happens, no sooner are you sadly saying goodbye to summer, Christmas is running up behind you, ready to pounce on your back -ready or not!  Well, I for one, even though PC still has a beach trip or two up his sleeve, am fully committing to the HGP!  Wanna join me? It's not too late really and believe me - you and your pocketbook will be happy you did!
Notebook Cover 2011
Okay, so off I go to finish printing my HGP notebook (I really wish there were an APP - but I'm a sucker for a notebook), Tata for now!

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