Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

It' Pink Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound and I love Pink! Oddly enough I do not decorate in pink, but I am drawn to the color in flowers and clothes. So I thought for sure I wouldn't have anything to post, but I started poking around in my files and found these beauties! Most of these photos were taken in The Queen's Memorial Garden, in St. James Park, near Buckingham Palace and at Kensington Palace or the back streets of London in July of 2007. Babygirl laughed at me because I was taking such closeup pictures. I told her I was going to create a collage on the wall in the living collage yet. Enjoy!

Happy day! Don't forget to leave me a comment for My Cup Runneth Over Sunday! See ya'll tomorrow!


Beverly said...

Absolutely stunning. Each bloom is exquisite.

Happy Pink Saturday. Be sure to e-mail me if you want me to send you some information about participating.

LuLu said...

I love all the pink flowers!! great images!Have a wonderful weekend!
P.S. I love the name of your blog!!!

wayward windra said...

pink compliments the aqua rainbows in your aura; pink clothes light you up... pink flowers are brighter when you are near.

beautiful pictures sweetie

love you,