Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over # 2

It's Sunday and here that means I take time to let the world know, that I understand that I am blessed. if you want to join in - leave me a comment want to know what the heck I am talking about, check out the deets here.

So today I am running around trying to "prettify" the house because PC has an old friend and his wife "possibly" stopping by today and PC's family will be here tonight to celebrate fathers day early. As I am cleaning and preparing I am suddenly hit with "look at this place, it's beautiful, MOM, you keep a good house." These are the words Bubba said to me on Friday when PC was bringing unexpected visitors within the hour. I started running around ordering the kiddos do this, do that and finally my son stopped me in my tracks and spoke those loving words to me. Now a week later, I am still pondering his words and why they mean so much to me. "You keep a good house."

The truth is my PC built a strong, beautiful house and I feel the need to "keep" it for him. so that he can be proud when folks walk through, admiring the architectural details that he dreamed up and made real and true. I want to make it cozy and non-distracting. So I go crazy every now & then when I have slipped and let the "busyiness" of life creep into the "keeping" of our home.

But the point is, my son said "Look at this place" so I did and I am so grateful for:

1. The porcelain tile floor pattern that looks more like a European street than a "tile floor" and collects dust bunnies like nobody's business.

2. The graceful white arched doors that were an extra expense, and sometimes look more like a canvas for fingerpainting, but PC saw the beauty in them and did not deny me.

3. The granite 'continent" in my kitchen that I have served many family get togethers from; the gathering place and exactly what I wanted it to be - the heart of our home. But it is also something that collects breadcrumbs and jelly smears on a daily basis.

4. The man who works so hard and frets so much over the details and flaws of a place that in my wildest dreams I never thought I deserved and leaves his dirty clothes gracefully draped over the footboard instead of putting them in the hamper.

5. The mann-child who knows that his mama needs someone to tell her, "you are good mom, and a good wife, we are proud of you and our home" and would not scrub a toilet to save his life.
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Amelia said...

Your description means it is a home - a place where love is flowing - "a good house" is a huge compliment coming from child.

Step back and enjoy the blessings God has allowed you.