Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thrifty Thursday - My Scraproom Update and a Reminder

I am sort of late getting this post up this morning, but I'll go for it anyway. I didn't get to go Junque shopping like I had hoped yesterday. I ran into a bit of a snaffu with the rental car for our upcoming trip and had to work on that most of the day. Hey! what I figured out yesterday can be a Thrifty Thursday find too...The rental car PICK UP AT THE AIRPORT PRICE is $340.. more than picking it up 3 or 4 miles away! The cab ride is not going to cost us 340 bucks! So the next time you are traveling and are picking up a car - call ahead to see if you can find a "close" pick up place that is not in the airport. Back to my original thoughts for the day...On my first Thrifty Thursday with Leigh I shared my smashing SA finds, the table and chair and the little black planter. Well, I have them all in place, with a super thrifty extra find. These gems are all in my "Scraproom" but it is an all purpose playroom for me. So here are some pics:
This is looking in from the "gallery". LOL - do you see the one photo frame on the floor (not the wall) some gallery. You can see my SUPER thrifty find from here - the hutch.Why is it so SUPER of a find? Because it was Faaarreeee! My BFF JLo gave me this when she redecorated her living room - she bought it a yard sale for $50.00. I think it is super cute an she didn't really have to say goodbye (she liked it a lot but it didn't go with the Pottery Barn"ish" look) because she comes here to scrap. I was thinking about painting this white - White Spray Paint must be sucking me in - because I am more of a "paint it black" kind of gal.
The hutch is cute and handy - good storage with display options. Our stamps mostly fit on the shelves. And yep those are Frappucino bottles holding some stamps...some of my favorite containers and I don't remember who I got the idea was probably Posie.
Moving around the room, this dresser is Momma's, she said I could use it, (does it need a coat of white paint? Do you hear her screaming NOOOO? I do), she got it at a yard sale for $40.00. Pretty darn cute for the price. Good storage and this is my "Wine Tasting" Friends display - I laugh every time I look at the photos. My cloche for the week - Leigh gave me the idea - also Momma's which I'm sure she payed $3 or less for at a yard sale.
And then the table, which is more of a desk, than a table. I think this needs a coat white (or black) paint also. This is where I visit all of your wonderful blogs. I still need to get some art work/ inspiration on this wall but I haven't figured it out yet.
This chair is really a "pretty" rose pattern underneath. Very Momma (her chair) not so much me. I want a leopard pillow to compliment it or a leopard slip cover with a red pillow. The lingerie chest behind the chair is Momma's also, another yard sale find (she always finds the good stuff).
The velvet strawberries sitting on top of the lingerie chest are the last project we did together before she headed out to Ohio. I have a step by step photo breakdown that I want to share one day. Aren't they adorable?
I have a few more photos of the room and closet that don't have much to do with Thrifty but part of the room and I always love seeing other blogger's craft rooms so here ya go.

Okay, thanks for visiting me today and if you haven't gotten over to Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday, you should -they have some great stuff over there. I just want to remind you about the Christmas in July Party - Just leave me a comment if you want to join in on the fun! Thanks and TaTa for now.


Dawn said...

Wow, thrify, crafty AND organized. My kind of post ~ I so wish I could be organized!

Christmas in July is a great idea, I'm there!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Great craft room! All your pieces are fabulous! I don't know your decor, and if you knew me, I'd vote for white. But, something about the black just pulled me in! Whtie or black, either way, they would look so elegant!

Thanks for sharing!


Lisa Shatzer said...

I like your new hutch, free rules! Your strawberries are adorable.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

That is AWESOME! You are so well organized. INspire me! I LOVE those strawberries. I cant wait for the step by step...if its easy of course!

wayward windra said...

NOOOooooo......please don't paint my dresser. I know it might look really awesome if you distress it and make it look old (like me), but you have to wait until i get home. the room looks great! love the hutch - tell bff thanks from me too, cause whatever makes you happy makes me happy for you. did you know i brought my strawberry with me - i get to see it every morning when i open my sock and undies drawer and it makes me smile to remember you sitting and stitching all those beads. and it still smells good if i squeeze it. by the way, how is the lavender doing? did it come back this spring? does it have flowers? grama has hers in her pajama drawer. it made her smile when i gave it to her too.
i can't believe you covered the chair with the bird cage cover. how funny is that...what are you covering mobey's cage with now? where are the pictures of mobey by the way?

love to you, pc, the kids, the girls, and the great white bird.

love, mom

Debbie @ said...

Hi! I love this post. I love to look at organization ideas. What a great idea to use those glass jars...I like that. Anyhoo...have a wonderful day1