Monday, July 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - I'm Back!

Hello All! I slept in my own bed last night and feel extremely rested this morning. Vacation is always nice, but coming home is better. PC and I had a great time on the family farm and then seeing Momma over in Ohio. We didn't get to see my whole family (there are a lot of them) but PC wants to start going every year to check out the farm. So I am already planning next year's trip - the 4th of July is definitely a great time to go but I want the kiddos with us next year. I took a lot of pics but PC has most of them in his point and shoot at work so I' ll have to post those later. As usual I am participating in I'm an Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday. However, today instead of just posting my menu on the side as I normally do, I wanted to share something out of one my vintage cookbooks. I have mentioned before that I love to read cookbooks like a novel, and The Modern Family Cookbook written by Meta Given happens to be a favorite.
It's a favorite for a few reasons: 1) It was first published in 1947. 2) Meta dispenses kitchen wisdom, not just recipes, so that as a cook, you never cook alone (this was before the Food Network). 3) My grandmother used this cookbook. The story behind this particular set is that I already had a few copies of Meta's books not knowing that my grandmother had these same books on her bookshelf. After she passed away I asked the family if I could have her cookbooks, they said yes and I brought them home (2000 miles away). As I unpacked these, I thought "these look so familiar" - but my grandmothers cookbooks had no covers so it was the content inside that looked familiar. She USED these books - there are smears and stains all over the pages. She did not write in her cookbooks like my other grandmother, but I can tell these were well used books. Anywhoo, the other versions I have are super cute with their pictures and graphics and one has an inscription that is adorable!
Meta gives writes several "Creeds" throughout her book, so today I want to share:
"The Meal Planner's Creed"
The health of my family is in my care; therefore- I will spare no effort in planning the right kinds of food in the right amounts.
Spending the food dollar for Maximum value is my job; therefore - I will choose from the variously priced foods to save money without sacrificing health.
My Family's enjoyment of food is my responsibility; therefore - I will increase their pleasure by planning for flavorful dishes, for attractive color, for appetizing combinations.
My family's health security, and pleasure depend on my skill in planning meals; therefore - I will treat my job with the respect that is due it.
Wow! Isn't that great! As usual, my plan is on the side bar with links to recipes. Thanks for stopping by and TaTa for now!


Chaos Cottage said...

Oh, how I love old cookbooks. They are my favorite! We have a used bookstore here and I peruse the shelves for old ones. I have found a few at yard sales too, and have been fortunate, as you, to have inherited some. I love the photographs as well.


Dawn said...

I wish I could be so organized. Your meal plan look so good I may just have to join you. There is nothing I hate worse than when everyone starts asking what's for dinner and I don't have a clue. In fact, it's about time for them to start hunting me down now. I think I have some chicken in the freezer and a box f rice in the pantry...thanks for the inspiration!

The Stylish House said...

There is a lot of wisdom in this charming book. So many families have gotten away from sitting down to proper home cooked meals and it shows in the waistline. I grew up with this tradition and followed it with my own family. When my daughter left for college she was surprised to find many of her friends had no idea how to cook and plan meals. She said she has happy memories and looks back fondly on time spent around our table as a family.

Libby Murphy said...

Those cookbooks are still frequently used in my kitchen. My mother got them as a wedding gift over fifty years ago. Great memories and great basic recipes!
Happy Twirls