Friday, June 4, 2010

Show and Tell Friday - My Surprise Party (Prince Charming Planned it All)!

So, remember back in May, I celebrated a bit of a Milestone...the BIG 40.  My PC was so worried about me not taking this day well that he wanted to do something special for me. He knew keeping the whole thing a secret was not plausible because I am too nosy and sneaky and I usually figure out things.  So, I knew I was having a party, but I didn't really know much more than that and I was pretty proud of myself because I was overly trying to figure the whole thing out...I was willing to let myself be surprised and I am so glad I did (The man has a future in party planning).
First there were the decorations...he was worried he didn't have enough balloons. Silly Man. Isn't it pretty!?
However he could not let me forget that I was turning 40..I might be having senior moments already.
He really went all out.
Down to the party favors...he looked all over the desert for tiny wine glasses to put mints in and give to the guests.  Don't you just want to take him home? Sorry ladies, he's mine.
As if all of that is not enough, LOOK AT THIS CAKE!  He  told the designer at The Cake Shop (how did he even know there was such a place), ""She scrapbooks, loves wine and old things, like antiques." She told him to go home and pick out some of his favorite photos and this is what she did.
He chose not to put Happy 40th - because it was everywhere else. He truly did make me feel celebrated!
Look at the details!
Just Gorgeous!
But the bestest surprise was my present (like I needed one after all of this)...he flew my Momma home for three days!  She was there for my birthday!  It was the best ever!  I was truly surprised...never even thought it was possible!  My wish came true before I blew out the candle!
All my kiddos, family and friends sang Happy felt great.
My BFF was there, her hubby, and some more dear friends and family.

I received some precious gifts (this is my dear friend K's mom's necklace - my new favorite!
And of course, some great "gag" gifts.  But at least they are cute - I mean look at that hat!  I will find a place among my ephemera to display such a cutie. And with all of those pictures, not one time did I get a shot with my PC because guess what, he was making sure he was taking pictures because he wanted to make sure I blogged about it. He is the best hubby in the world and I'm so lucky  he picked me! Thanks for looking - TaTa for now!
Linking up with My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday - such a fun day!  I love all the posts but it takes me a couple of days to visit them all, and my poor house does suffer so.


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, what a great guy!!! He's a keeper! I love that cake!! Enjoy being 40....says the one that's about to turn 50! haha!

The Redhead Riter said...

You obviously have a wonderful husband who loves you very much! I'm so happy for you! I hope you enjoy being 40 because the next biggie is 50 and I am waaaaaaay to close to it to even discuss it LOL
Happy Birthday!!!! Kudos to hubby!