Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday - Sunrise in the Desert

I've mentioned before (or I meant to anywayy) that the sunrises here can be just as breathtaking as the sunsets...full of color, warmth and the promise of a great day. PC was home a few weeks ago for vaca and made it a point every morning to watch the sunrise, I've aways taken for granted the fact that I see the sunrise every morning...he is usually stuck in a hanger or trying to catch up on sleep during the weekend. We enjoyed a beautiful week of sunrises together and I will never take another for granted.  One morning he told me to grab the camera and so I did...enjoy.

Be sure to check out all the other beautiful Outdoor Wednesday photos over at A Southern Daydreamer...I lust love her pumpkin shots, definitely frame worthy.  Well, I'm off to do some homework...this week is midterms!  Ta Ta for now!


Terie said...

I absolutely love your blog. The sunrises you captured are amazing. I lived in Arizona for a year a long time ago so I know all about the warmth and beauty of the sunrises and sunsets.

Also, I like your idea of sharing a tune on Tuesday. That's pretty neat. I often wanted to share songs when they mean something to me. This is a great venue. I hope to come back to next tuesday to share my song for the week!! Thanks.

Vanessa said...

Hi Deanna! Thanks so much for coming by today and leaving a sweet comment! I absolutely loved your pics of the sunrise and it is such a reminder to actually stop and watch it all unfold. Usually I am racing around getting lunches packed and kiddos off to school and I just miss it altogether! Thanks so much for letting me see it in your part of the country! :-)
P.S. I'm followin' you right back!

Blondie's Journal said...

Just beautiful, DeAnna. I give you credit for being up that early...I'm up early, just not soon enough to see the sun rise!! lol!


cherry said...

I love your sunrises what a beautiful way to start your day!
Happy Outdoor Wednesday
hugs from Savannah, Cherry

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, these photos are just gorgeous! You did a great job capturing its beauty.

Thanks so much for your visit today and your well wishes. I appreciate it SO much! :-)


Sheila :-)

Donnie said...

I love your Outdoor Wednesday photos. Beautiful sunrise.

Cheri said...

Lovely shots - we can't see the sun rise with the mountains.

Carolina Mts