Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two-fer Thursday (Thrifty & Tasty...not related though)

Gooooood Mooorninnnng Blllooogland (Robin Williams impersonation inserted here).
I am especially perky as I sit here this morning tapping away, drinking my 1st cup of coffee. I don't know what it is, the weather has been unusually June gloomy here in the desert, so I am not amped up on Vitamin D (unless you count the tanning bad- I know, bad girl). It must be that I love coming here and meeting new ladies with such creative minds.
So, today is a sort of Two-fer Thursday I am posting a Thrifty Thursday hosted over at Bloggerittaville and a Tasty Thursday hosted over at Southern Fried Mama. Now, these two posts are nowhere related to each other, but it did get me to thinking that I should try to do that sometime in the future ( I bet it has already been done). Okay - here we go:

Tasty Thursday is about another store in Paso Robles - I do not have a tasty recipe like the Hawaiian Kabobs SFM has posted but I do have Cheesey pictures! My recipe plan deflated - but I will post some great recipes that we got in Paso next week. Say Cheese:

Di Raimondo's Italian Market & Cheese Shop in Paso Robles

The very helpful & knowledgeable "cheese lady". She offered FREE samples..see it was thrifty!!

This is Pont-l'Evêque = Pont l'Eveque Pronunciation: POHN-luh-VEK she said this is an ancient and well-regarded French cheese isn't as stinky as other washed rind cheeses. I said - "Oh my! that is great cheese - so creamy and sweet & nutty - let's buy some (not so thrifty)!"

There were soo many to choose from they have over 100 cheeses - the aroma was to die for (did I mention I LOVE CHEESE?)!!

You can't have cheese without cured meats, salamis, breads & wine - they have it all!

But we only bought the cheese and a few crackers and it was delish!

Now - my favorite - Thrifty Thursday - I am envious of leigh and her girls - I miss shoppin' with my Momma. The original plan was to show the cute little additions to a small collection I started at the beginning of the year. But then I realized the""big picture" is quite thrifty and one of my favorite rooms in the house...soo bloggers, meet my very humble library.

Not one stitch of furniture in this room cost over $200.00. It was all bought at yard sales & thrift stores. I need more book shelves, but I have plenty of floor space. The table is Momma's - isn't is just beautiful? we use it to read at, drink coffee and play games.

Even our games are thrifty- I love old board games, so I pick them up at yard sales all the time- look at that Yahtzee!

The majority of books I own have been purchased at yard sales, the library and thrift stores. Our library does a sale at the end of the month - hard covers for .50 each and the SA does $1 each if you buy 5 or more (cha-ching). The majority of the decor in this room is yard sale & thrift store purchases. The typewriter was scooped up for $3.00 18 years ago, the camera was free (yard sale at the end of the day), little knick-knacks amounnt to pennies, the desk $100.00 about 10 years ago.

And finally this week's buy - I started collecting "C"'s in January and now I have 4! Eventually these will go on the wall in a nice pattern, but I want to wait until I have a little larger collection. It's fun hunting for them, and I scooped both up for under $5 total! Metal is especially fun for me since welding is PC's first love.

Well that does it for me, I need to go o dishes or something. Remember to join me tomorrow for Flashback Friday - this week's theme - Fun in the Sun! TaTa for now!


Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE your furniture. Looks warm and cozy to me.

bj said...

What a delightful blog you have..(i just signed up to follow you) and your double post is great. I, too, love cheese to pieces...and have never found a store as great as this one. A good cheese, yummy bread, a few grapes and a HUGH glass of Blackberry wine is my kinda relaxation!! woo hoo..
Now, for your beautiful room. I LOVE would be so nice if every one had a nice place for their books and games. You did really good here.
Oh, and I am anxious to seee how you arrange your C's...our last name is a C, too, so I am pretty sure I'm gonna hafta copy you!! :O)

Lorna ~ Lace and Ivy Cottage said...

Don't you just love Paso Robles? I remember finding a meat store there years ago that sold some incredible chicken and apple sausage. I wonder if they're still around. I love central California, it has such a different, laid back vibe to it. Your library is so warm and charming. I think furniture that has a story behind it does that to a room. Love your blog. Will be following from now on!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

SWEEET! I LOVE it! The furniture-beautiful!
And girl, you may not know my LOVE for cheese. I got lost in the cheese pictures. YUMMMMMM!

Kirby3131 said...

Those "C"s are awesome! My last name is C. :) and I have Linda Goodman's Love Signs, too. I pick it up and read it once a year or so - totally fun to read.

Christina said...

Love your library. Books are a passion of mine too. Great way to furnish a room---with thrifty finds.

What a wonderful shop too. Mmmmmm!

Kelly said...

Hi, jumped over from Bloggeritaville. What a great blog you have. I look forward to having a cup of coffee with you often!

Becky said...

I looooove CHEESE! Like, seriously, I could have a brick of cheese for a meal. LOL! This shop looks devine :)

shopannies said...

have a pile of old games just like that here in my living room